Option 1: Cancel EMERALD Subscription via Gameforge Client

You can manage your EMERALD subscription directly by logging into the Gameforge Client and clicking on the EMERALD button. This will forward you to a page where you can cancel your subscription.
Gameforge Client for Metin2

Option 2: Cancel EMERALD Subscription via Transaction ID

  • Please enter the email address of the Gameforge account you made your EMERALD subscription with.
  • Please enter the transaction ID of your EMERALD subscription. You’ll find this in the confirmation email you were sent when you made the subscription.
  • As per our T&Cs, you can only cancel your EMERALD subscription effective to the end of the current contract or billing period, depending on which applies for your subscription. Each billing period is 30 days. You cannot schedule a cancellation for a future date.

  • Please enter the email address we should send the confirmation to. (You may also enter the email address of your account.)
After you agree to cancelling the subscription, we will send an email to the email address belonging to your account to confirm that the cancellation was requested by you. Please follow the instructions in this email.