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There are several different game worlds with different channels (CH). In every game world you can create up to five characters, which you can only play with in the worlds that you created them in. And of course you can only play with one character at a time.
In contrast to the game worlds, you will be able to move your character between different channels later on. Within the chosen channel you can interact with other players, fight with or against each other and experience adventures.
You can also communicate (chat) with other players on different channels and, for example, choose to meet them on a different channel.
Communication and exchange between the different game worlds is not possible.
After you have chosen a game world (server) and a channel, click on 'OK', type in your user ID and your password and confirm by clicking on 'Connect'.

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Before you can create a new character, choose one of the three available kingdoms. You will start the game in your chosen kingdom. Click on 'Create'.

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Choose an kingdom and click on 'Choose'. Then you will be able to choose your character class.

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There are four female and five male character classes available to you, each one of which provides you with different characteristics. These mainly influence the behaviour of the character during a fight.
You can use the sword-shaped arrows to choose your character class. When your desired character is shown at the front, you can use the links in the box (marked green) to change the look of the character by choosing between 1 and 2. Subsequently your character will need a name. After you have chosen a name, click on 'Create' to bring your character to life. Now you can click on 'Start' to enter the game.