Christmas - Board Event 2018

Searched are the numbers in the yellow boxes
Among all correct submissions, I will give away the prize:
20 x 1 Christmas Chest
15 x 1 Gift (yellow)
15 x 1 Gift (purple)
What you…

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14/12/2018 14:29:51

Extra maintenance

Dear Players,
We’d like to inform you that we are currently planning to do a maintenance tomorrow morning to address some technical issues.
The maintenance is currently scheduled for 11:00 CET.
However, it might already start a bit earlier or may be…

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14/12/2018 13:47:09

New in Store: Flash Auctions

Dear players,
Welcome to the Flash Auction! The clock is ticking and the price is dropping – strike as soon as the offer hits your desired price. But stocks are limited, so don’t wait too…

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13/12/2018 18:00:00

maintenance riddle

To sweeten our server maintenance time, we decided to post a little riddle on server maintenance days.
The riddle will be published on the day of the server maintenance
between 08:00 CET and 09:00 CET and you have until 13:00 CET am to solve…

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13/12/2018 17:21:58

In-game channel switch is deactivated.

Dear Players,
Unfortunately, we discovered critical technical issues related to the in-game channel switch feature. Among other things, it did have a negative impact on the server stability and could cause channel crashes.
We are aware that this is…

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13/12/2018 15:21:45

Snowbell, Third Hand

Dear players!
Start: 13.12.2018 00:00
End: 13.12.2018 23:59
Discount 30%
Third Hand 30d 45 31
Third Hand 15d 24 17
Third Hand 7d 13 9
Snowbell (15d) 15d 99
your metin2 team

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12/12/2018 19:38:38

Thief's Glove 30%

Dear players!
Start: 12.12.2018 00:00
End: 12.12.2018 23:59
icon_metin2_it_2ab2fa9b5f08e1b91ef756011f112439.png Thief's Glove 30D 89…

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11/12/2018 22:53:07

Scroll of Correction 30%

Dear players!
Start: 11.12.2018 00:00
End: 11.12.2018 23:59
icon_metin2_it_19b356560388646b1288159853edfc12.png Scroll of Correction 49 34
your metin2 team

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10/12/2018 22:42:48