Event Rankings

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the greatest of them all?

In this table you'll find the worldwide top players in our Metin2 events. Select the event you're interested in and who knows? Maybe you'll find your character in the list. Use the filters to sort the list according to country, server and kingdom. If you can't find your character straight away, you can also search for them specifically by name.

Rank Character name Points Country Server Kingdom
1 LiIioOoN17 969110 AE ديسق Chunjo Kingdom
2 IXOlAXI 916950 AE ديسق Jinno Kingdom
3 lLORDENN 554630 TR Anadolu Jinno Kingdom
4 viaggiatore 484920 TR Germiyan Jinno Kingdom
5 lBiskrem 460970 TR Anadolu Jinno Kingdom
6 Cufere6 338930 RO Polaris Jinno Kingdom
7 Ryzakolix 316750 DE Corvinia Chunjo Kingdom
8 sancktangld 313550 TR Anadolu Jinno Kingdom
9 andelitt 299550 TR Eretna Shinsoo Kingdom
10 ZwinnaRaczka 259110 PL Etolin Shinsoo Kingdom
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Last update: 02/05/2018 06:00:02