General Information

Gameforge takes the security of your game accounts very seriously. For this, we have gather some important tips together to inform and help you guard against the possibility of you becoming a victim of account theft or other fraud methods. Should this happen, you can also read what you can do about it here.

Warning, fraudsters!

There are some tricks that fraudsters attempt in order to gain access to your account. Here are some fraud methods that have appeared in Metin2 so far.
However, stay wary! Fraudsters are constantly coming up with new ways to persuade players to give them access to their accounts. So always remember, never give anyone your account details, for whatever reason.

False team members (team fake)

These are responsible for a large amount of account thefts in Metin2. They select particular nicknames, that are similar to the nicknames of our team members (with small additions such as 'administrator', 'GM-XY', 'Support-XY', 'GAMEFORGE-XY' or '|GM|') and attempt to obtain players' details by using predefined falsehoods.

In these situations, it is important to know how a real GM acts and how you can recognise them.

Identifying features of a GM:

  • A GM always has level 120.
  • A GM always has their nickname in square brackets ( [...] ) and the content within the brackets can vary, but is often one of the following: [GM], [GA], [TM], [GF], [QA] or [CM]
  • If a GM writes to you, their text will be shown on screen in yellow. The text colour for a normal player is white.
  • A GM will never under any circumstances ask for your account details.
  • A GM can also be recognised by the GM-sign above their head.

Level assists / quest help

There are also supposedly 'nice' players, who will offer you or request your help on difficult quests or just want to level you up. They will say that they need your account details to do this.

We recommend that you remain wary in such situations, as these players can take control of your account in this way.

Exchange of valuable items

Please be careful when exchanging expensive equipment items or other items!

These items are often stolen when players are still new to the game and are unaware of the potential theft risks. Always request a same-value offer when exchanging these items, otherwise you may never see your item again.

Cloning of items

Also be wary if a player offers to clone an item for you. Do not give away your equipment frivolously, otherwise you will lose it.

Spreading telephone numbers that charge high prices

In rare cases, fraudsters will attempt to spread 0900 numbers, which always charge for a connection. They will promise you that you will receive free Dragon Coins if you stay on the line for a few minutes.

Immense costs can be charged for such a phone call - we recommend that you never ring telephone numbers given to you by a stranger.

Spreading hacks

The use of programmes that affect and give you an unfair advantage in the game are forbidden and the punishment for using such programmes is a permanent ban. On top of this, there is a high likelihood that a keylogger or other harmful files are also hidden within the hack, which could then access your data or otherwise harm you.

To help protect against this: never accept such offers and under any circumstance, do not download such programmes - no matter how tantalizing they might seem.

Fraud in internet relay chat (IRC)

Fraudsters don't stop when it comes to IRC either. They mimic the nicknames of team members and contact players that are seeking help, to send them damaging software or to obtain their account details.

How do I recognise a real team member in the IRC?

  • In the official Metin2 channel (, all team members wear either a + or an @ in front of their nickname.
  • Additionally, you can carry out a 'whois' request ('/whois nickname' or right-click on the nickname and select 'whois').

    For a team member, it should resemble the following: Akisee is Akisee@Akisee.gameadmin.Metin2Uk

    Allof our team members have this extension type, which is rank dependent (GM extension is gamemaster.Metin2Uk, whereas for moderators is will look something like this: moderator.Metin2Uk). These all show that they are members of the Metin2 UK team - so be sure to check for it.